Cracow, Auschwitz and Wieliczka

Every year, thousands of tourists visit Poland. More often than not, they come to see Cracow and visit Auschwitz. Cracow is considered to be the most beautiful town in the country. It is located about 40 miles from Auschwitz so it is a chance to visit these places in one journey. Being in Cracow, we may purchase Auschwitz Birkenau Tour, which ensures a transport and a guide.

Extermination camp in Auschwitz is obligatory point to see, when we are in Poland. In this place, which had witnessed one of the biggest genocide in the history of mankind, a lot of people found a place to live. For many tourists, it is incredible, that they can live normally in neighbourhood of the place, where so many people were killed. No one will get to know, what Auschwitz is unless they visit that place.

Around Cracow, there is one more place, which is absolutely worth to visit. There is possible to go to wieliczka salt mine tour. This historic mine is the aim of journey for Poles from the whole country. Visiting the mine, placed in Wieliczka, which is a small town in the vicinity of Cracow, is an unforgettable experience for everyone. Children have fun there and they can learn a lot, instead adults also are not bored.


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