Auschwitz and Wieliczka tour

Poland is one of the most beautiful european countries. This land offers tourists many unforgettable attractions located near the biggest cities. Many people decide to visit Cracow, which used to be the capital of Poland.

All the tourists are impressed by amazing Wawel Castle, Sukiennice and the cityscape containing Vistula River. Anyway, near the Cracow tourist might find a way to experience something different during uniqe tours.

Auschwitz Birkenau Tour
Everyone, who has learnt history at school knows the bloody history of the Second World War. During the years of conflict many terrible things happened. One of the most terrifying and shocking parts of World War II are concentration and extermination camps built by Nazis.

Why so many tourists decide to visit Auschwitz? This place deserves to be remembered. Too many vulnerable people were killed there without any reason. They experienced terrible violence, hunger and pain. This tour changes the way people perceive the cruelity of war.

Wieliczka salt mine tour
Wieliczka tour is the best option for whole families. It gives a chance to discover mysterious salt mine and creativity of the miners. Travelling under the ground is totally unforgettable!


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