Discover Krakow

Many tourists claim that Poland is one of the european countries, which is totally worth discovering. They appreciate the unique beauty and wonderful tourist attractions. One visit in Poland is enough to never forget this country.

What should you see?
If you want a quick but unforgettable trip to Poland, do not hesitate to visit Krakow. Poland offers many beautiful cities to be seen, but this one is totally unique. Krakow used to be the capital of Poland, so there is plenty of impressive monuments such as Wawel Castle, basilica of the Virgin Mary or Town Hall Tower. Of course, tourists will find many useful places like restaurants with delicious food or shops.

Wieliczka Salt Mine tour
Visiting Krakow and not going to Wieliczka never happens. Why this tiny town is so popular? Wiliczka Salt Mine is unique monument, where people have a chance to discover the world under the gorund. There are wonderful pieces of art made from salt rock and labyrinthine passages made by the miners. You will never forget this place.

Airport in Krakow
Are you going by the plane? You do not have to be worried. It is very easy to find airport transfers. It is the most comfortable way to get to Krakow quickly.


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