Beautyfull of Poland

Travel broadens, integrate, causing gain experience. Everyone loves to do it. Visiting new places in the world can learn a lot, learn about new cultures and customs of people from other countries and compare them with ours.

Unfortunately, this involves only with unforgettable adventure, joy and curiosity. Unfortunately, it also connects with the high cost, because the thing you need to eat, sleep and something to reach for. Unfortunately, nothing of the above stuff is not cheap. However, you do not need to immediately pick up abroad, although a large part of the Poles just do that. Very few people appreciate their country. People do not see the benefits and beauty of the nation.

While some leave, others are lucky. Choose in different places: the sea, the mountains, Masuria, by the lake, or large agglomerations. Krakow is a perfect example of a city that has a great connection to most other cities in the country, but also to destinations beyond. One of the calls are for example busy Krakow Budapest or Krakow busy Prague (

As I mentioned above, you can also travel to local spots, so many people choose from there to Zakopane. This beautiful city in the Malopolska province and is the largest urban center in the immediate vicinity of the Tatra Mountains. Informally called it charming and catchy name of “the winter capital of Polish.” To get to this wonderful city simply “jump” in Krakow Zakopane bus and after a short time we will be able to place their own eyes to see the beauty of Polish.


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